We Breathe the Breaths of Our Ancestors

It is no secret that we, meaning everyone sharing the inhabitance of this planet, do breathe the same air.  We are literally swimming in a vast sea of Life Force and we breathe it in and out of us, every moment of our lives until we leave this body.  If we are breathing from one vast, connected pool of air in our atmosphere, then wouldn't it make sense that we are breathing each other's breaths?  It's true and there is some very neat and magical science behind this powerful, connective fact. 

In addition to the oxygen and the nitrogen we respire, there is a gas that you may never have heard of that we also breathe in and out in every breath.  It's called argon and it is an inert gas.  That means that it does not interact with any other element in the world.  Therefore the same exact argon molecules that were here 100,000 years ago are still running around, in us and through us and they are unchanged because they don't react with any other substance in the elemental kingdom.  You can already sense where I'm going here. 

We are breathing the same argon that Mother Theresa breathed.  The same argon that Martin Luther King, Jr. and Shakespeare breathed.  Einstein and Rilke, any figure or role-model of the past and yes, your grandparents and their greatest of great grandparents all the way back, all breathed in and out the same argon particles.  Even the most evil person you could imagine that has been here with us, took part in this one living spectacle.  This shared part of our breaths makes up about 1% of each breath we breathe in.  And we breathe that same 1% argon back out into the world constantly sharing it as a string running through time and traveling through each of us, creating one big family, passing breaths around to each other.  

Now that you know this, literally, think of whose breaths you may have breathed.  Whose argon made it through you?  A piece of the Life Force sea that traveled through someone you admire from history, may have been breathed by you earlier today, even as you're reading this!  Now, how magnificent is that?  It's a gorgeous exhibition of our Oneness and the connection we share with everyone, no matter if we approve of them or not.  It's like creation is saying, you are here to realize your connection eventually and when you do, you will be living on one planet as one family. 

As if it couldn't get any more magical, I am going to close with a quote from The Seven Mysteries of Life by Guy Murchie:

Did you know that the average breath you breathe contains about 10 sextillion atoms...This means of course that each time you inhale, you are drawing into yourself an average of about one atom from each of the breaths contained in the whole sky. Also every time you exhale you are sending back the same average of an atom to each of these breaths, as is every other living person, and this exchange, repeated twenty thousand times a day by some four billion people, has the surprising consequence that each breath you breathe must contain a quadrillion atoms breathed by the rest of mankind within the past few weeks and more than a million atoms breathed personally sometime by each and any person on Earth.
— Guy Murchie

We rise!