The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Do

We learn at an early age how to start prioritizing things by levels of importance.   The most important things get done and those not so important things sometimes get pushed to the side to make room for the higher priority to-do's.  But what if we found out that we really have our priorities out of order?  Better to find out early in life and do something about it, rather than to arrive late in life wishing one had shifted their labels of importance around.  We live in a society where it is more important to get somewhere on time than it is to breathe a deep breath.  Where it is more important to achieve a dazzling goal at work than it is to achieve excellent health. Perhaps more important to attain a certain level of wealth or to acquire the latest "stuff" rather than to have a relaxation breathing and meditation practice for just fifteen minutes each night before bed.

People are often popping pills with assurances given to them by a trusted medical doctor and yet when they have side effects from said medicine or it doesn't work, they then realize where the real problem was and by then it is possibly too late.  The causes for greater health begin in our maintenance of good health and our ability to generate vibrant health from within our body temple.  We have onboard our beings this great ability to breathe Life Force riding on our breath. The ancient cultures of China and India practiced Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Pranayama and different styles of Yoga, so as to utilize this great power and to understand it and how it works.  These practices and ancient techniques taught people how to play a more active role as a participant in life by breathing the Life Force in particular, educated ways.  When an aspirant would feel in their core exactly how effective the practices were at cultivating optimal health, it would leave an impression that would cause their priorities to shift immediately.

These experiences leave one with an inner knowing that the quality of your life is tied to the quality of your health and the two move together in parallel throughout your entire life.  The importance of keeping your health in excellence then becomes a top priority no matter what society says and does.  Most people on the path to success understand the simple concept that you are your greatest asset.  Your number one asset is you and therefore your health and vigor become absolute top priorities to living out your life's greatest visions and your highest good.

The ability for you to nourish the body with deep breathing exercises just as the ancient yogis is instantly available, but knowing how to utilize the Life Force intelligently is of the utmost importance.  You might consider any of the available Breathwork events or schools near you or by tapping right in here at  Years ago when I was first on my quest to unite people in the power of breathing together, I met a therapist named Dean Williams who gave his time at a clinic for people who couldn't afford care.  When I asked him what he had to say to the world about the breath and its connection to creating great health, all he said was, "It's the most important thing you'll ever do."