Omnibreath Teaches You to Use Conscious Breathing as a Tool to Master Life!

We offer innovative breathing powered technologies for today’s complex rhythms that help you to wake up excited about life, with an awakened creative impulse. 

Diminish stress and know how to relax with a simple daily practice.  Energize and invigorate your whole body, mind and spirit until fatigue and imbalance are a thing of the past. 

Let Omnibreath help you lead a potent, healthy, spirited life forever!

Life-Proven & Research-Proven


to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Our educational platforms contain Ancient Teachings & Research-Proven Techniques that allow individuals to enrich, fully embody and understand the power of their own Life Force! 

"Life changes forever when you live in a suspended state of life force intelligence."

        - Rabia Hayek, Conscious Breath Facilitator

Through the Conscious Breath Experience & other Life Force Mastery Programs,  Omnibreath has taught thousands of people worldwide, that

Optimal, Conscious and Synchronous Breathing Practices

provide a simple, direct path to having a life-long tool empowered to assist you in actualizing your highest potential. 

Are you ready to discover what we call, Superhero Living and learn how to cultivate it in your life?

Master Your Breath

Master Your Life