The Conscious Breath Facilitator Journey

& Certification (CBF) | $7,000

-class size limited to 25 people-

Learning how to facilitate another person's journey by utilizing Life Force consciously, optimally and synchronously is an adventure of transforming your own stagnant or stuck energies, while at the same time having the life-changing opportunity to observe the Life Force of your fellow human.  Under a lens of discovery and experience, you gain an understanding of how to teach the arts of using breathing to remain a purified vessel for energy to flow through you freely.  Standing decidedly clear in energy of mind, body and spirit, while activated and energized with the willingness to respond, not react.  Using your own breathing to get to that state and having strong guidance to enjoy the adventure getting there.

Each CBF learns how to work 1-on-1 with aspirants, in a group breathing circle and continuously with themselves, learning and expanding their growth on the path to expressing their highest self.  The CBF Journey is here to accommodate people of many vocations that have come to share in the same wish to empower and strengthen their Life Force.  Life Force traverses all levels of being and gets them all working together, moving in one direction, as one harmonious and potent force of life.  

The journey to becoming a Conscious Breath Facilitator is one of learning the art and science behind the most dear, intimate and personal power that you own.  It is a healing force, a loving force, a comforting, nurturing force, a uniting force, a teaching force, a creative force and an expressive force.  All of these facets of your being are wanting to be awakened in order to become truly Masterful.  This is an enrichment like no other because we are enriching the very thing that fuels you. The mighty Life Force that can go an entire lifetime unconscious or can be awakened and utilized. The CBF Training seeks to tune up and clear all of your energy centers or chakras, including clearing and strengthening your will center and your empowerment center.  You will learn how to do this for yourself while toning your breathing into being used efficiently and optimally.  Utilizing the power of conscious breathing, this practice then further seeks to balance the nervous system and soothe the rhythms and pathways of the mind.  

The Conscious Breath Facilitator understands that their breathing is the spirit aspect of their being.  When you learn the basic tools and then discover the magic behind fundamentally breathing correctly, you instantly tap into states of high energy, high order and high balance.  The greatest choices for your life become clearer and your gifts continue to show themselves as the Superhero version of you showing up to express itself as your life!


The CBF Journey has 3 components that complete your CBF certification: 


1.) Online Interactive Classes 

2.) Field Practice Sessions + Documentation  

3.) 5-day Certification Celebration Week in los angeles


 The complete cbf curriculum includes: 

  22 Hours of Online Interactive Classes: 15 Weeks X 90 min Sessions


 16 Field Practice Hours =

(8 hrs. Preparation & Documenting Results + 8 HRS.FacilitatinG) 


  32 Hours of LIVE In-Person sessions at the Annual

CBF Certification Week in Los Angeles


= 70 HR training Program & certification

for 6 Months after you graduate certified as conscious breath facilitator

we provide a monthly CBF Guidance Group Call

$500 Annual Licensing Fee keeps your certification current every year and gives you the (6) six monthly Guidance Calls annually and one (1) ticket to the 5-day CBF Certification Week where you are invited to brush-up on your skills, increase your knowledge annually and to learn new tools while keeping up on the latest research on conscious breathing that we gather and present.

The Conscious Breath Facilitator Journey & Certification is the most complete program we have ever offered because first you get to learn the techniques for yourself and then you learn how to share them with the world!
— Rabia Hayek, Conscious Breath Facilitator Trainer

Rabia Hayek is a world-renowned Breathworker and an electrifying speaker, teacher, visionary and peacemaker.  Rabia founded Omnibreath, as well as the non-profit organization Do As One to raise the awareness of conscious breathing and the power of synchronously breathing together worldwide.  Late one night in October 2006, Rabia went into a non-ordinary state of consciousness and came out of meditation with the vision to unite 1 billion people to breathe together synchronously on planet Earth, using the Internet.  The Universal Breathing Room technology and Breathe Together app were created to give humanity tools to return this great unifying power back into our culture.  After teaching optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing techniques for many years and seeing the great effects of the Life Force on his own path, Rabia knew he wanted to make a dynamic difference in the world around him, one breath at a time. Rabia travels the world teaching a modality he designed over 15 years called Life Force Mastery that seeks to establish self-love, self-power and self-knowledge and get body, mind and spirit moving harmoniously together as One to ultimately create Superhero Living and a lifestyle of healthy, conscious breathing.  Rabia is dedicated to bringing powerful breathing technologies to the world, that have the opportunity to affect the health, mindfulness and creativity of the next generation and beyond.