Omnibreath presents

 vIP university:

Superhero VIP Days at Terranea Resort

You are at the doorway of brand new discoveries in your own self-development!  Omnibreath has prepared something completely groundbreaking and different for you. We call it VIP University.  These are once in a lifetime opportunities to learn and soak up potent wisdom on the fast-track from our world-renowned Superhero Teachers, with all of their attention on you for an entire day of your life and theirs. 

Even sharing meals together, you will be immersing yourself into a whole day of enriching in wisdom, by being in the presence of wisdom. To reflect.  To mirror.  To play and discover with Masters, so as to empower the Mastery in you.

VIP University is made up of Superhero cool, modern, enticing, genius, adult-education topics that are TED-like but potently focused on teaching, not just being inquisitive, showcasing ideas or talking at people.  VIP U students are not hiring a speaker, they themselves have Mastered things in their own life and they are seeking to enjoy a day with another living, breathing Master of their craft.  Days like this are intended to create an energetic interruption that up-levels your game.  Often moments like this are looked back on as markers of Greatness.

Three Super Sessions take place throughout a VIP day, yet each teacher ultimately architects their VIP day differently.  If you are flying-in from outside of Los Angeles, you will have be picked up at LAX and driven straight to the beauty of the resort to begin your journey.  You will be greeted upon arrival by your Superhero of Wisdom Liaison who will be co-ordinating your entire stay at the astounding Terranea Resort.  This person is your contact and go-to for anything you need and is only a text message away from you.  After you are settled and anchored, you will meet with your Superhero Teacher of choice and enjoy your magnificent Superhero VIP Day in its fullness, even enjoying lunch and dinner together and weaving your three Super Sessions throughout the day.  A Superhero Spa treatment is included at the end of your day which we have custom-designed & specially chosen for our VIP University patrons.  The adventure ends at the breakfast Superhero Summary with your Wisdom Liaison the next day.

Sharing love, power and knowledge from excellent SuperTeachers and Masters to awaken these powers afresh and anew in you! What levels of Mastery do you wish to play in or up-level next?  Awaken them faster than ever at VIP University!

Did you think VIP meant Very Important Person?  Yes, you are very important and we welcome you to...  

Vault of Inner Peace University

To Play and Discover with Masters,
so as to Empower the Mastery in You.
— Rabia Hayek, Principal of VIP University

Why is the investment worth it?  Think about it like this.  Of all the days that this Master teacher is alive on Earth, you will be receiving one full day dedicated to you, your growth, your life.  


All curriculum must meet these four qualifications to deem worthy of presenting:

                                     1. Best of their Best Work

                                     2. Everlasting Education Reverberates

                                     3. Superhero Teachings Only

                                     4. Treasures & Talents Emerging


For even more enrichment:


Custom VIP Weekends are 2-3 Day Courses Assembled for You with 2-3 choice Superhero Teachers that train with you one day at a time handing you off to each other like a weekend Superhero camp at a breathtaking venue designed to inspire Greatness!!! Just choose your teachers, one per day, off of the Superhero Teacher Menu or let us recommend the perfect itinerary for you and have you simply enjoy approving our choices and you're all set up and ready to receive your Vault of Inner Peace Weekend.






Rabia Hayek, Principal of VIP University 

Rabia Hayek is a world-renowned Breathworker and an electrifying speaker, teacher, visionary and peacemaker. Rabia founded Omnibreath, as well as the non-profit organization Do As One to raise the awareness of conscious breathing and the power of synchronously breathing together worldwide.  Late one night in October 2006, Rabia went into a non-ordinary state of consciousness and came out of meditation with the vision to unite 1 billion people to breathe together synchronously on planet Earth, using the Internet.  The Universal Breathing Room technology and Breathe Together app were created to give humanity tools to return this great unifying power back into our culture.  After teaching optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing techniques for many years and seeing the great effects of the Life Force on his own path, Rabia knew he wanted to make a dynamic difference in the world around him, one breath at a time. Rabia travels the world teaching a modality he designed over 15 years called Life Force Mastery that seeks to establish self-love, self-power and self-knowledge and get body, mind and spirit moving harmoniously together as One to ultimately create Superhero Living and a lifestyle of healthy, conscious breathing.  Rabia is dedicated to bringing powerful breathing technologies to the world, that have the opportunity to affect the health, mindfulness and creativity of the next generation and beyond.  








  - The Share Edu-conomy (as we call it) is providing knowledge of superior sorts to stimulate our humanity into once again             reaching and exceeding the impressive levels of our technology. 

-   VIP University or VIP U is a Share Economy business model that can be created using a local and global network of teachers, a management team, a driver, a personal Superhero Co-ordinator/Wisdom Liaison, a custom designed spa treatment (deep tissue massage, then facial, breathe in the oil blend we offer that they keep and foot n scalp rejuvenation) all at a gorgeous resort location, chosen to partner as the perfect venue.  

-    We are unlocking the wisdom of many great teachers that otherwise remains only being taught to a few and bringing it out to communities worldwide by-donation.  Using the spending power of c-level business people worldwide VIP-U, employs amazing teachers to do a VIP Day for $5k & up.  That teacher after enjoying teaching a full day of Mastery in a private, impeccable setting, then gets to go record themselves teaching a 1-2 hr. class for BDU (By Donation University) online.  That recording is available immediately by donation worldwide at and those donations run BDU. The classes can be streamed and recorded for by-donation learning around the clock from anywhere on any device. 

   -  The resort provides VIP U a negotiated % commission of what our VIP U patrons purchase from their entire first stay at the     resort.  They keep all future business with our patrons in exchange for us getting a discounted rate or comp'd room for our   Superhero teacher's accommodation on VIP Days.  This is very effective marketing for the resort because we are bringing their   ideal clients on site for a top-notch, premium experience and getting them to immerse in it and enjoy it.  This brings a high   likelihood of their return and raises the incentive for the resort to support VIP U in creating a win-win-win.

 -  Our resort clients and teachers sign a non-compete with us that there will be no similar VIP days produced by them at the  resort.  It is in the resort's best interests to market the VIP University experience through their concierge as a possible activity at  the resort throughout the year by simply booking.

-    All VIP U Faculty are trained on embodying premium service and engagement principles that uphold a high order of vibrancy and excellence.   We remember that to remain a teacher, one must be an eternal student.  We give the absolute BEST of what we have on a Superhero day at VIP U.


We will soon be accepting applications for faculty aspirants of VIP U.  

Please submit applications to become VIP U Faculty to:

Include the details below:

- Your Name & Specialty

(Must be near Los Angeles or willing to fly-in with a clear expectation of notice)

-   Your Superhero Category or Skill you'd be listed under that you would own! No other teacher on the list will be teaching that.

-   Describe your Superhero Day offering which is generally made up of three segments or sessions. Pitch your class here and let it be Superhero inducing.

-   Your VIP Happy Price!!??

What is your VIP price to people that don't know you and should. A provocative yet precise price for a day of your time, love and power. The Superhero Day designed by your Mastery for them.

- I will be interviewing and accepting applicants based on a top-tier ability to offer their gifts in excellent, potent single-day blasts.  Prospective students will be high-caliber, quick learners and needing high-potency adult learning programs that you are joining us in offering them.

- We will joyfully be selling your work with a commission above your price to provide a Premium experience to Superhero patrons that includes deep tissue massage, facial and foot n scalp rejuvenation.  We will also be doing Strategic Assembly of VIP Days into 2 or 3-Day Courses.  We are working on contracting the location to market the list at their site and concierge level.

One month of enrichment packed into one full VIP Day and all this Master's attention is on you for three full sessions plus world-class healers and teachers come together and an experience enriching mind, body and breath like never before emerges.

It's $999 per year to be marketed/listed as a faculty member in our catalog at VIP U once you have been celebrated and accepted through the application process.  Being listed in our catalog gets you seen globally and gets you private session prospects where just one will pay for your whole year of marketing with us in the catalog.  This way of marketing also has you being seen in excellent, champion-caliber company with other world-class teachers and healers.

When you sign up to be listed, we give you 20% off booking any VIP days for your enrichment as a faculty member. The $5k for tuition is $1k or 20% off for teachers when you pay for membership. So your membership fee washes out as soon as you book your own VIP Day.

Base level VIP Days are offered to patrons at $5K.  We each split $2500. Each of us invests $250 back in to the patron's experience. That $500 goes to make the stay premium, get a personal driver to and from the airport, create a massage and relaxing spa service. We are investing in them to support your future bookings with them as well as to inspire them to love it so much that they come back and tell others all about it.  We will train teachers to give unique premium experiences and to follow our BEST principle of what knowledge/wisdom qualify for VIP U.