The Master Breath Mastermind 

(6-month Program)

April 16, 2016 - September 25, 2016

---Our Masterminds are reserved for 25 people---

Masterminds have often been woven together in the name of Mastering business.  When was the last time you thought of putting that same kind of love and attention on your Health, Vitality and Longevity?  What about your Magic, your Zest and the Reason You Came Here?  That's right I capitalized and bolded each of those to remind you, right now, of how important they are to your life! 

The Master Breath Mastermind gives you the experience of uniting on a 6-month transformational journey with 24 other people and finding ongoing empowerment, expansive freedom, self-love, authentic self-power and everlasting, unexpected self-knowledge.  The battery?  Your very own breathing.    


Master Your Breath.  Master Your Life.

The Curriculum:


Month 1 – Empowering OPTIMAL BREATHING

Month 2 – anchoring your life force & Igniting CONSCIOUS BREATHING


Month 4 – Calming the LIFE FORCE - RELAXATION

Month 5 – Balancing & Maintaining LIFE FORCE LEVELS

Month 6 – integration - MAGIC in the LIFE FORCE & Breathing as One



The journey contains these:


        -    Weekly Group Master Breath Session and Q&A Call (3 out of every 4 weeks | 18 Group Calls Total)

        -    Monthly Private Session (6 Private Sessions Total)       

        -   A Specific Set of Easy-to-Apply Techniques & Exercises for Optimal Well-Being       

        -   BreathGuru Text Message Boosts - Inspirations & Quick Exercises Sent to Your Phone

        -   Email Support for the Entire Journey

        -   Membership to our Private FB Group (entitled MasterBreath) for Sharing Insights & Breakthroughs

        -   BreatheTogether HD iPhone App (for students with iPhones)

        -   BONUS!  Conscious Breath Experience Education Portal (Videos, Audios & Ebooks) 


                  The Champion Benefits of joining this mastermind: 


        -   Achieve New Levels of Energy & Self-Empowerment using Ancient Life Force Techniques        

        -   Enjoy LIVE Life Force Boost Master Sessions with a Living Group Battery of Energy

        -   Know how to be Anchored, Calm, Centered & Balanced

        -   Remain Activated and Energized with the Willingness to Respond, not React 

        -   Attain Fascinating, Unexpected Self-Knowledge

        -   Establish and Nurture Authentic Self-Love

        -   Heighten Your Overall Quality of Health with a Higher Saturation of Life Force

        -   Strengthen an Unbroken Connection to Your Highest Good 

        -   Be a Part of a Growing Global Breathwork Community

        -   Empower Your Inner-Resilience, Strengthening Your Vitality & Longevity

        -   Feel Fully Supported In All of Life's Moments

        -   Have Greater Amounts of Energy to Share with your Family, your Beloved & the World at Large

        -   Have Fun Learning and Enriching Your Life with Like-Spirited Individuals

        -   Go From Becoming to Being the Superhero of Your Life


What problems are you solving with this Mastermind?

        -   Solve the problem of not being anchored in an ever-changing world.

        -   Solve the problems of sluggishness and being tired or not retaining energy

        -   Solve the problem of getting sick often by enlivening your immune system

        -   Solve the problem of lack of focus or lack of enthusiasm to be creative

        -   Solve the problem of lack of purpose and lack of direction

        -   Solve the problem of not knowing how to relax and let go of stress

        -   Solve the problem of being always in the mind and not enough in the ability to feel

        -   Solve the problem of not knowing how to ignite creative energy

        -   Solve the problem of not knowing how to maintain your energy levels

        -   Solve the problem of not feeling connected to your world or to people in general

        -   Solve the problem of not feeling empowered to create your greatest life

Everything is easier when I do the breath work..I eat better, sleep better, I choose everything better for myself. I am so excited, I have lots of energy. Relieved to feel lots of strength in me.
— Lauren S. from Massachusetts, USA | Mother & Life Force Mastery Private Student
Rabia has put happy dancing shoes on every cell of his body and they are having a party in there with celebrations and explosions of joy bursting forth which has put wings to his heart and magic pours from his lips.

He has lifted the veil of my mind and exposed the spiritual knowledge of conscious Breathwork.

Rabia is a master at his craft of teaching folks how to be in touch with their breath, their emotions, their body, each other, the earth and all that is.

Since my conscious breath work with Rabia, I have become more grounded, balanced, inspired, confident, lighter in my shoes, peaceful, joyous, appreciative, aware, powerful, graceful, in-touch, anticipatory, healthier and even more!

I mean just think about it. When you give your cells what they came here to receive and can’t wait to get more and more of.... Oxygen....then everybody gets happier. Everybody else around you gets happier. You can change a whole room full of folks with just a breath. Now how valuable is that?
— Suzanne W. from Vermont, USA | Music Teacher & Life Force Mastery Private Student
These exercises foster confidence. This mindset allows me to fill my lungs, feeling confident and expanded. We ALL need to feel more expanded in our lives!! Do this every morning and your life would NO doubt be impacted positively.
— Dave E. from Minnesota, USA | Gym Owner & Life Force Mastery Student
I now feel and observe often, how UNEXPECTED Self-Knowledge comes to me through this work.
— Suzanne W. from Vermont | Music Teacher & Life Force Mastery Private Student

INTRODUCING YOUR TEACHER & GUIDE for the master breath mastermind:

"It is an honor to get to lead you on the potent path of the Master Breath Mastermind.  May the Life Force Be With You!" 

Rabia Hayek is a world-renowned Breathworker and an electrifying speaker, teacher, visionary and peacemaker. Rabia founded Omnibreath, as well as the non-profit organization Do As One to raise the awareness of conscious breathing and the power of synchronously breathing together worldwide.  Late one night in October 2006, Rabia went into a non-ordinary state of consciousness and came out of meditation with the vision to unite 1 billion people to breathe together synchronously on planet Earth, using the Internet.  The Universal Breathing Room technology and Breathe Together app were created to give humanity tools to return this great unifying power back into our culture.  After teaching optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing techniques for many years and seeing the great effects of the Life Force on his own path, Rabia knew he wanted to make a dynamic difference in the world around him, one breath at a time. Rabia travels the world teaching a modality he designed over 15 years called Life Force Mastery that seeks to establish self-love, self-power and self-knowledge and get body, mind and spirit moving harmoniously together as One to ultimately create Superhero Living and a lifestyle of healthy, conscious breathing.  Rabia is dedicated to bringing powerful breathing technologies to the world, that have the opportunity to affect the health, mindfulness and creativity of the next generation and beyond.